Hi there, I'm Justin.


WHo's this guy?

I'm a senior at the University of Washington studying Visual Communication Design and Human-Computer Interaction. I've designed for Bloomberg LP and in NYC, which has become my second home after being born and raised in Seattle. This summer, I'll be heading to Menlo Park as a product design intern at Facebook.

Most of my work has been in the UI/UX field, but have been focused on moving to product design for designing end-to-end experiences and looking at the bigger picture of how design, technology, and ubiquitous computing can make a larger impact on our everyday lives.

Coming from Seattle, I'm predictably a pluviophile who drinks a lot of coffee and cheers for the Seahawks every week. When my Illustrator tabs have been closed and my Sketch files saved, you can find me out around the city with my Nikon P900, playing badminton, or catching up on the latest Bojack Horseman.


A few places i've gone recently


some Stuff I get excited about

  • Burritos from Dos Toros
  • Collecting Starbucks Reserve Coffee Taster Cards
  • Noping a Nope in Exploding Kittens
  • The perfect plate of Teriyaki and Gyoza
  • Loudly debating whether the tech-keynote for *blank* was as good as last year
  • Making it over halfway through a game of Civilization VI